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  1. '14 Thunderbird Storm ABS rear brake issues

    Thunderbird Cruiser Chat
    So, thinking someone here will have some wisdom, as I'd really like to narrow down the scope of the problem, rather than paying shop rate for a mechanic to scratch his head and make phone calls to Triumph. I had the 15K servicing done, and a few days after I got the bike back, I noticed that my...
  2. New Member, Need Help with Brakes

    The Welcome Center
    First post. Denver CO, 2010 Thunderbird 1600. So I got the old lady out from under the cover for the first time this year, and found out I have no rear brakes. Tried pumping them up to try to evacuate some fluid, but no luck. Pedal goes straight to the floorboard everytime. Could this be a...
  3. Uneven brake pad wear - inner brake pad touches disk even when not braking

    Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    I replaced both sets of brake pads less than 2000 miles ago. The front ones seem to be doing okay, but the rear inner pad (closer to the wheel, farther from the brake piston) is completely out of material and the base of the pad has started scratching the disk. When I replaced them, the front...