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  1. 2012 Bonneville SE fairing?

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    Hey guys, New to the triumph rat forums! looking forward to reading about builds going on, maintenance solutions and seeing what everyone rides! Curious to know if anyone that has a SE model if they have ever fitted a front fairing to them, i've seen on the net that air tech does some but i...
  2. I'm new to this... and I have a check engine light issue...

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    Hey friends! So I originally went to post this on the air cooled twins page, but I suppose I need to post on the welcome page before being granted permission to post there. This said - I'm going to lay out my issue here as well! My 2012 Bonneville SE has been feeling a little laggy for the past...
  3. rvsb Bonneville SE

    rvsb Bonneville SE

    My 2010 Bonneville SE.