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  1. Street Triple Forum
    I am looking to place some engine/clutch covers on my 2014 STR. I have seen many bikes with Triumphs factory brand covers made from long glass nylon, but I know R&G makes a set out of polypropylene. Anyone have any insight as to which would would provide better protection, longevity, fitment...
  2. Crash pads

    Homemade crash pads for axles. Another view.
  3. Crash pads

    Homemade crash pads for axles. Front showing what it will look like when mounted to the bike
  4. Crash pads

    Homemade crash pads for axles, these were cut on a lathe out of Delrin 150. Yes, the diameter of the portion that goes into the axle is slightly different on each side. I still need to make minor adjustments to them so they fit well. I do need to make the rod (threaded on each end) that goes betw
1-4 of 4 Results