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  1. The Welcome Center
    Hi All, Just joined up here after recently picking up a 2014 Street Triple R ABS. I'm from Sydney and live for escaping the city up Putty Rd on the weekends! Looking forward to exploring the forums and chatting with fellow Triumph Rats. Cheers, Zac
  2. The Welcome Center
    Progressed from motorcross to mainly street and work commutes on a 1974 Yamaha RD 250. Now semi retired with time on my hands i bought a 2009 Triumph Bonnieville T100 from a guy who only did 1,500km then had it covered in a garage with annual rego and service trips. Probably stole it at half the...
  3. The Welcome Center
    Hi all, I'm a Triumph Newbie. Bought a 2000 Sprint ST 955i about a month ago and pleased with its great agility, big midrange power and engine vibe and exhaust note. Keenly took it for a spirited run >:) up and down the Oxley Hwy here in the mid north coast of NSW Australia a couple of weekends...
  4. Coppins Crossing road, 2 Feb 08.

    Coppins Crossing road, 2 Feb 08.