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  1. Sold Black Scrambler Seat and Matching Altrider Rack

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts - Hinckley Classic Twins
    Hey Guys - I have a very good condition Triumph OEM Scrambler seat with a black anodized AltRider Rack. Fits my 2016 Thruxton 900, and should fit all air-cooled twins. Rear racks or sissy bars could get in the way. The seat is all black, no contrast piping. The seat is MISSING ONE Rubber...
  2. AltRider: A Cautionary Tale (UPDATED: Resolution Reached)

    Tiger Chat
    Hey folks, You are all adults, so I am not going to tell you all to buy or not buy or whether or not to accept everything here. This is simply a cautionary tale. One that Bob (68T120R) is familiar with, but he and others have convinced me to share it here. I waited as long to post it as I did...