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  1. Planning first moto camping trip (through West Virginia), seeking advice on finding sites

    Moto Camping
    Hey folks! First post, and first moto camping trip. Quick background: I've been riding for about a year. I have a 2019 Street Twin that I love. I mostly commuted in Chicago on it, but made some day trips to Michigan outside the city. I also rented a Street Twin in SF on a work trip, and rode Hwy...
  2. My Father's Bike - '66 Trophy

    The Welcome Center
    My father has owned his maroon 1966 Triumph Trophy since I can remember. He has fractured vertebrae and hasn't been able to ride for years. We have stored it for him in our garage and fire it up on occasion. Fresh plugs and gas yesterday, popped right off for a quick lap through our area. He...
  3. ‘72 TR6R Tiger 650 Newbie Questions

    Classic, Vintage & Veteran
    Hello Everyone, I bought my first motorcycle, the above mentioned TR6R, yesterday and I couldn’t be more thrilled. That said, I’m not an experienced rider or gear-head and I’m just curious as to what some good tips for “newbies” are. Here are a few questions I’ve come up with so far. What...