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  1. 2006 955i left side drop not starting

    Daytona Deliberations
    hey everyone, my Daytona was dropped on its left side while running when my friend was stepping off without putting the kick stand down.... so there looked to be some coolant that splashed out of somewhere in the bottom, and the shifter snapped off at the bolt on the peg. it won't start, but...
  2. 2003 Triumph Tiger 955i Stalling

    Tiger's 885i & 955i - Mods & Workshop
    Got this bike over 25k ago and it has been flawless up until this year. It started stalling when hot in the spring. It always restarted but got to the point where I had to keep the throttle cracked to keep it running. I did the fuel filter as I hadn't yet, along with new plugs and it felt...
  3. Sprint RS 01 throttle / idle / low rev choppiness problems

    Sprint Forum
    Hi. I know high idle has been discussed a lot but I have not seen any post describing exactly my symptoms. Ever since i got the bike a few years ago it has been hesitant on low revs and had problems with stalling when letting go of the throttle at stops. I have done a lot of the stuff...
  4. 200 955i Fairings

    Daytona Deliberations
    Hello, so i just bought a 2000 955i with alot of mods but i dont like how it looks without the front fairings! I looked for some online and had no luck! Bike is super fun though!
  5. 955i cam problems, need a solution

    Speed Triple Forum
    Hi guys, I have a 2000 speedy with 25k miles on it. I didnt made my valve clearances on time so my camshafts are in bad shape. I bought 2 used cams 1 was a daytona set and both was in bad shape too. Daytona set lowered the valve noise and that made me sure about my problem. So the main question...
  6. Turbo 99' Speed Triple Build

    Speed Triple Forum
    Well, It’s time to turbo my 99’ Speed Triple. I LOVE THIS BIKE! It has just over 65k miles on it, including several cross-country trips. I have a couple of Triumphs, or it would have more miles on it. Last month, I let my girlfriend borrow it to ride to Arkansas to see family. While she was...
  7. UK Tiger Rider

    The Welcome Center
    Hi Guys, I picked up a 2004 Triumph Tiger 955i at the weekend! hoping to get some support from fellow Tiger riders and info information on this bike; the good the bad and the ugly etc. looking forward to clocking some miles up on this beast of a bike. I expected...
  8. Daytona 2000 955i (t595 body) or Speed Triple Short Fender-tail tidy

    Daytona Deliberations
    Hi all, I am looking to get rid of the OEM rear fender, i am aware that there are some tail tidy's available. At the moment i am thinking of cutting the rear fender just under the license plate light , mounting a short/universal licensplate bracket and relocating the indicators to this bracket...
  9. Girly Tiger running rough after spark plugs change.

    Tiger's 885i & 955i - Mods & Workshop
    Hi All, Please accept my apologies if this info is held elsewhere (I have looked). I've just changed the spark plugs and air filter on my 2001 Tiger 955i and it's now running rough. I have a couple of questions. 1 - It's been suggested online that the ECU will sort out the rough idling after...