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955i tiger

  1. 2003 Triumph Tiger 955i Stalling

    Tiger's 885i & 955i - Mods & Workshop
    Got this bike over 25k ago and it has been flawless up until this year. It started stalling when hot in the spring. It always restarted but got to the point where I had to keep the throttle cracked to keep it running. I did the fuel filter as I hadn't yet, along with new plugs and it felt...
  2. 03 955i tiger misfire at low revs and the odd "cough" through the intake

    Tiger's 885i & 955i - Mods & Workshop
    Hi Im new here and admit to joining to pick up some tech tips. But also joining in with the community. So, I've owned my 03 tiger for fourteen years. I can't believe I've had this bike for so long but it has and still is a great bike. Recently it has been running a bit jerky at very low...
  3. Hello from New Hampshire!

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    Hi, hoping to contribute and learn!