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  1. Thruxton 900 Best tyre size combo

    Club Cafe'
    Hey guys some background info: My set Perreli sport demons are done , lost a front tyre due to a road razor. Started shopping around went to the dealer and we checked the stock sizes , showed him the road cut in the front .We realied both the front and back tyres werent standard standard...
  2. FS: 2002 Triumph Thunderbird 900 (NYC, NY)

    Triumph motorcycles For Sale/Wanted - USA - Canada
    Hello all members, I have to sell my 2002 Triumph Thunderbird 900. (eBay: 2002 Triumph Thunderbird 900) Located in New York City (Astoria), NY. Am looking for about $3250 (as I have a bunch of accessories included). I'm attaching some pictures here. Please check the eBay link for more...
  3. Hello from Canada

    The Welcome Center
    Hey folks, new Triumph owner here. Just picked up an 08 Scrambler (Carb). Already started changing some things but figured the best place for info is to talk to the pros. Come from a dirt biking background but have always had a love for Triumphs (Also have a GT6+ project that is pretty slow...
  4. Triumph Adventurer 900cc 1996

    Triumph Adventurer 900cc 1996

    I rode to Daytona from Miami Beach,FL on September 2014 because was the cannonball run, over 70 motorcycles makes between 1918-1930 Amazing Motorcycles!
  5. 2013 Thruxton, Stock so far...

    2013 Thruxton, Stock so far...

    What should I do first to this beautiful machine?