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  1. Daytona675 Forum
    Upgraded from my 2012 D675R to a 765RS...took a bit of work but not too difficult to do.
  2. The Welcome Center
    Hello everyone on the Triumph forum!!! New to the world of Triumph but certainly not bikes. I've owned a ninja 300, 07zx6r, k8 gsxr, Harley 48, and a Z900 plus many more. I traded my Z900 in for a Street Triple 765rs. The 765 currently has 2600miles and I got it for 10800 otd usd. The ride...
  3. The Welcome Center
    Hi all, Glad to be with you all, yet it is a sad event that brings me here. Until last week I was a very happy middle-aged Street Triple RS owner, with joy in my cheeks every time I rode. However, six days ago my 765RS with under 9000kms on the clock failed spectacularly on me. Without warning...
  4. The Welcome Center
    Hi there, long time rider, first time poster (here). Got here as quick as I could. Picked up my first Triumph a few weeks ago. A used 765RS with 233 miles on it. LOVE it! Been riding big, slow bikes for so long I forgot how sport bikes move. This one moves very well, thank you. Anyway, glad to...