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  1. Street Triple Forum
    If you live in the US, you may know that the Street Triples come with those pumpkin-shaped, bulky indicators. I own a '21 Street Triple RS, and I'm looking to replace the stock indicators with the OEM indicators that come standard with the European models. However, I can't distinguish which...
  2. Street Triple 765
    OEM or aftermarket is fine. I'm having a hell of a time figuring out what's going on. My right side LED signals work and my left don't. I've swapped around all 4. All of them have the same resistance. Left side front and back are having the same issue. Right now my bike has the right side LEDs...
  3. Street Triple 765
    Just got the flash from dealer to add missing ride modes. Have all 4 modes now: Rain, Road, Sport and Rider. Problem is Rider is configurable in setup with dash buttons, but is not selectable for use with mode button on left hand control. It just blinks, usually with another ride mode, when you...
  4. Street Triple Forum
    Hi everyone I have 765 R but I am not satisfied with the rear suspension I want to replace it with the rear shock of 765RS Is this ok? Thanks
  5. Street Triple Forum
    Hey everyone, I ride a 2018 Street Triple R. I have noticed that almost every time I ride my butt gets wet, it can’t be sweat because it’s 40-45F out. Does anyone else think that it could possibly be the foam in the seat that absorbs water?
  6. Street Triple 765
    Hi there, I've been looking for some preferably shorty levers that will fit a 2018 Street Triple R. Any luck? Everywhere I look I don't see anything as compatible but given my experiences in the past of things fitting but not being listed that way I figured I'd ask. Personally I'm a fan of CRG...
  7. The Welcome Center
    Hi! I am Tripleboo from Sweden. Since I just got my second Street triple (the first one is actually my sons). It's about time to join this forum. I have been riding since I was 16 and thought I had bought my last bike three years ago when I bought a brand new BMW R1200R LC with all the bells and...
  8. The Welcome Center
    Hi folks - thanks for letting me be part of the forums. Long time rider but new to Triumph. Coming off a BMW R Nine T and just picked up a 765 Street Triple RS. Wanting to learn more about the brand and the ride. Love the bike but it's been a maintenance nightmare - blown tire followed by a dead...
1-8 of 9 Results