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  1. What levers fit the 765 R?

    Street Triple 765
    Hi there, I've been looking for some preferably shorty levers that will fit a 2018 Street Triple R. Any luck? Everywhere I look I don't see anything as compatible but given my experiences in the past of things fitting but not being listed that way I figured I'd ask. Personally I'm a fan of CRG...
  2. Hallo!

    The Welcome Center
    Hi! I am Tripleboo from Sweden. Since I just got my second Street triple (the first one is actually my sons). It's about time to join this forum. I have been riding since I was 16 and thought I had bought my last bike three years ago when I bought a brand new BMW R1200R LC with all the bells and...
  3. Greetings from Fort Worth, TX

    The Welcome Center
    Hi folks - thanks for letting me be part of the forums. Long time rider but new to Triumph. Coming off a BMW R Nine T and just picked up a 765 Street Triple RS. Wanting to learn more about the brand and the ride. Love the bike but it's been a maintenance nightmare - blown tire followed by a dead...