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  1. Street Triple Forum
    Here is the full story. Bought a 2018 Street Triple RS about a year ago. Full Sc Project exhaust, power commander, carbon fiber belly pan, & TONS of other extras. Anyway, I was Outrunning my buddy on his R6 until we both hit a climbing turn with a cattle guard in the middle which made us both go...
  2. Daytona675 Forum
    Upgraded from my 2012 D675R to a 765RS...took a bit of work but not too difficult to do.
  3. The Welcome Center
    Just got my Street Triple 765 R. Excited to learn from this forum and a quick hello to everyone.
  4. Street Triple 765
    Are there any kits for for my 2018 RS? Is the process of doing this hard. Getting my bike dyno tuned in 3 weeks and would like to have this done before hand.
  5. Street Triple Forum
    Currently have owned a 16' R1 for 4 years and did mostly aggressive mountain riding and 3-4 track days a year. As I ride the street the most the R1 is just unbearable unless you're going fast. I've had my eye on the new 2020 STRS. I know the there is a big power distance but as far as handling...
  6. The Welcome Center
    Hi guys, I just got my 2018 Street Triple R 765. New to riding. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Thank you
  7. The Welcome Center
    Hello; I'm thinking of grabbing a new Street Triple. I'm leaning toward an RS, any arguments against it? I like the decent suspension but have caught rumors of it being a bit less of a torque motor and more top-end focused. Comments-??
1-7 of 8 Results