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765 street triple

  1. Daytona track upgrade...765RS

    Daytona675 Forum
    Upgraded from my 2012 D675R to a 765RS...took a bit of work but not too difficult to do.
  2. New Member From Turkey!

    The Welcome Center
    Just got my Street Triple 765 R. Excited to learn from this forum and a quick hello to everyone.
  3. FS Hindle Full exhaust system 17-19 street triple 765 RS $400 shipped

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts - EFI Triples
    Was on the bike for less than 100 miles, like new. Fits 2017-2019 street triple 765 R/RS $400 shipped, includes all the parts + original packing
  4. AIS removal and Block off plate installation

    Street Triple 765
    Are there any kits for for my 2018 RS? Is the process of doing this hard. Getting my bike dyno tuned in 3 weeks and would like to have this done before hand.
  5. Thinking of switching over!

    Street Triple Forum
    Currently have owned a 16' R1 for 4 years and did mostly aggressive mountain riding and 3-4 track days a year. As I ride the street the most the R1 is just unbearable unless you're going fast. I've had my eye on the new 2020 STRS. I know the there is a big power distance but as far as handling...
  6. Hello from CA

    The Welcome Center
    Hi guys, I just got my 2018 Street Triple R 765. New to riding. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Thank you
  7. Think in' 765 Street Triple

    The Welcome Center
    Hello; I'm thinking of grabbing a new Street Triple. I'm leaning toward an RS, any arguments against it? I like the decent suspension but have caught rumors of it being a bit less of a torque motor and more top-end focused. Comments-??