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765 rs

  1. Hi from Ontario, Canada no longer a Triumph virgin

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    Flew 2200kms to pick up my 2018 Striple 765RS and rode it 3000kms home last week. The trip in total from my front door and back to my front door took 64 hrs. What a rush 👍🤘thanks for having me.
  2. AIS removal and Block off plate installation

    Street Triple 765
    Are there any kits for for my 2018 RS? Is the process of doing this hard. Getting my bike dyno tuned in 3 weeks and would like to have this done before hand.
  3. 2020 765 RS OTD pricing?

    Street Triple 765
    Recently sold my beloved R1 (sad day) but in the market for a new bike. Idk what it is but the street triple catches my attention more than anything when it comes to nakeds. What should I expect to pay out the door for one of these? I won’t be financing it. Thanks.
  4. Thinking of switching over!

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    Currently have owned a 16' R1 for 4 years and did mostly aggressive mountain riding and 3-4 track days a year. As I ride the street the most the R1 is just unbearable unless you're going fast. I've had my eye on the new 2020 STRS. I know the there is a big power distance but as far as handling...
  5. Repairing my crashed 765 RS

    Street Triple 765
    I recently high side my bike on the track, and evaluating what parts I need to buy so that I can start working on fixing the bike. I will have some professional guidance since I am noob at repairs but would be doing everything by myself to learn. Main Damages: 1. Engine case: there is...
  6. New Street Triple RS owner in Australia

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    Hi everyone, I've finally got my hands on a Triumph Street Triple after many years. I upgraded from an Aprilia Shiver, which I bought new and had for 3.5 yrs, to a Street Triple RS in matte black. Oh man, what a difference. The ST is smooth, refined, with incredible suspension and brakes. Love...
  7. Back to Triumph, like Herpes, I won’t go away

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    Been some years, as my last Triumph was green 98 Speed Triple, but I’m back to the fold. Bought the only used Street Triple RS I could find in the US. Love the thing so far. I’d had my fill of “Adventure” bikes with my Ducati Pikes Peak Multi.....high, heavy, and awkward compared to previous...