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  1. Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk
    Battery: ~13.20 volts. When turning the key I get: Running lights Check engine light turns on then off Gas light turns on then off Alarm(bell?) light turns on then off Neutral light on Oil light on Speedo spins once like normal Sidestand up, pull clutch, push start: No click, no sound...
  2. Maintenance & Workshop Talk
    Hey Guys, I recently bought a 675R with a damaged head, and I need to replace it, but parts are scarce to find, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips or ideas on if a 2015 Street Triple head would my 2015 Daytona, and if anyone knows what the key differences are, so I have all the cams...
  3. WP_20161112_15_33_40_Pro.jpg

    2015 America
  4. Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    hi, I am trying to add a set of boss mc425ba to my 2015 America so I can enjoy some music on longer drives. in my handbook it says that fuse 1 is for accessory lights, fuse 2 is for alarm/GPS, and fuse 3 is for accessory socket/diagnostic connector. so I'm wondering if I can use one of these...
  5. The Welcome Center
    Hi All, my first post - what a great site. I have a 2012R, it's a track bike only, has been it's entire life - and I've spent many $$ on it in setup etc and it's an amazing bike. The suspension has been fully worked for my size/weight, plus many other little mods, power commander, dyno tunes...
1-5 of 5 Results