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    2015 America
  2. Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster
    hi, I am trying to add a set of boss mc425ba to my 2015 America so I can enjoy some music on longer drives. in my handbook it says that fuse 1 is for accessory lights, fuse 2 is for alarm/GPS, and fuse 3 is for accessory socket/diagnostic connector. so I'm wondering if I can use one of these...
  3. The Welcome Center
    Hi All, my first post - what a great site. I have a 2012R, it's a track bike only, has been it's entire life - and I've spent many $$ on it in setup etc and it's an amazing bike. The suspension has been fully worked for my size/weight, plus many other little mods, power commander, dyno tunes...