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    Can be found winding its way through the back roads and Piny areas of Southern Central New Jersey. Occasional stops for Blueberry Milkshakes and Burgers..
  2. Street Triple Forum
    Hey, all first-time posting and first-time triumph owner! Recently I bought a theft recovered bike a 2014 675 R and I'm slowly rebuilding the bike. One of the things I'm having problems with right now is a random electrical connector. Its located on the left side right along the frame the...
  3. Thunderbird Cruiser Chat
    So, thinking someone here will have some wisdom, as I'd really like to narrow down the scope of the problem, rather than paying shop rate for a mechanic to scratch his head and make phone calls to Triumph. I had the 15K servicing done, and a few days after I got the bike back, I noticed that my...
1-3 of 3 Results