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  1. Sprint Forum
    Hello folks, My name is Joshua. I'm from Tulsa OK. I'm having an issue with my 06' Sprint 1050 ST. I recently laid over on right side while it was running. There was a ditch to my right while I was walking my bike and couldn't get my footing. I immediately picked the heavy bike back up...
  2. Daytona Deliberations
    hey everyone, my Daytona was dropped on its left side while running when my friend was stepping off without putting the kick stand down.... so there looked to be some coolant that splashed out of somewhere in the bottom, and the shifter snapped off at the bolt on the peg. it won't start, but...
  3. The Welcome Center
    Hi There - Purchased a 2006 T100 after riding a friend's. Everything was going brilliantly until I gave the bike a quick wash, when it started have idle problems. I played with the carburetors and got close, but then the bike dies or RPM starts to climb steadily to around 3000. I will be...
1-3 of 4 Results