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  1. For Sale - Thruxton 2005 Wheels + parts

    Triumph Parts + Gear For Sale/Wanted
    Selling a number of removed parts, all original, genuine in good condition: 2005 Thruxton spoked wheels w/ tyres and rear sprocket - rubber is good. Missing internal rear cush-drive. Brake disc not included. 2005 Thruxton front indicators w/ front fork bracket. 2005 silver Thruxton rear...
  2. 05 ST 1050 Starting issue

    Sprint Forum
    Hi everyone, New to the forum and essentially a mechanical newbie so be gentle please! Went to go out for a ride last Thursday, started her up, got to the top of my street so about 20m, then she just cut out. Was working fine 2 days prior. Drained the battery trying to start her up. Jumped...
  3. The Crazy Sister

    The Crazy Sister

    2005 - this is the one that fulfilled the dream and fueled the obsession. So nimble, so quick - I'd forgotten it could be like this.