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  1. 2007 Tiger 1050 chain rubbing strip replacement

    Tiger 1050 - Mods & Workshop
    I got a 2007 Tiger with 32k miles and a couple previous owners, noticed some really clanky sounding chain rattle over bumps and Turns out the Rubbing Strip, Chain (T2053560) had disintegrated and only had the top piece just floating there and held in place by the chain rotating forward and...
  2. Sprint ST 1050 Speedometer

    Sprint Forum
    Hey guys, wondering if there is a known way to adjust the speedometer on a 2008 ST with a 18T front sprocket. My understanding is that the older models had physical teeth/magnet setup on the front wheel. Wondering if there is a way to adjust the sender (output shaft of gearbox?) to read...
  3. New Owner intro and question

    Sprint Forum
    Hey yall, just bought my first Sprint ST also my first Triumph ever. 2008 ST ABS 25k, rode it back from Indiana to Denver. Already love the bike, suspension is magic carpet over bumps, and the engine is smooth almost to a fault (more in a minute). So i bought the bike unseen in person and rode...
  4. Hi all - Speed Triple 1050R

    The Welcome Center
    Hi all, It's nice to join this forum, all the way from Holland (Europe) in search of some helpfull answers. My first search is for any one who uses a quickshfter of a non Triumph brand. (Apparently the origional type is no longer available.) Although I like to find/ buy an origional...
  5. Tiger 1050 convert from non ABS to ABS

    Tiger Chat
    Hi, does anyone has any info about what is needed to convert from non ABS to ABS?, i´m looking forward to get: -Hoses assemblies rear and front -ABS sensor rear and front -ABS module -ABS wheel sensor rear and front -Engine Harness including ABS module socket Is there any other items that need...