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morkys 05-22-2019 09:23 AM

What helmet are you 765 riders wearing? What type? Standard, race, sport-touring?
Are you wearing a race style helmet? A touring helmet? Sport touring?

BKK Jack 05-22-2019 09:53 AM

Sport Touring - Shoei GT Air.

However, I also have an HJC RPHA 11, and am coming to the realization that lightness might be the second most important consideration behind fit.

morkys 05-22-2019 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by BKK Jack (Post 2003935504)
Sport Touring - Shoei GT Air.

However, I also have an HJC RPHA 11, and am coming to the realization that lightness might be the second most important consideration behind fit.

How do you like the GT Air overall? How do the the GT Air and the RPHA 11 compare?

Interesting. I guess when asking others, I should also comment about my helmets and experience.

My first helmet was an Large HJC IS-17. A regular helmet as far as I know, not race, not touring, just an all around helmet. Inexpensive and comfortable fit, noise wasn't terrible, good central visor tab with excellent positons, including two useful urban street positions, the sun visor works well and one of the best parts...the temple fit for glasses is uncanny. I have yet to find a helmet fit glasses as well as my HJC IS-17. I hear other HJC fit glasses well.

My next attempt at a "better" helmet was a Bell Star MIPS. I assume this is more towards the race spectrum, like a sport-touring helmet. I chose a Large and it fits snug, I think too snug. I know helmets should fit snug but I think this helmet is too tight. I also don't like the visor, although it has a central tab, it only has 3 positions. Locked down closed, down but not locked and fully open. Annoying. Also, Bell Star helmets have the WORST glasses fit. The glasses are too high on my face and at a strange angle. I chose a Large but it feels like it is too snug. Takes a lot of effort to put on and take off.

Another try, the Shoei GT Air. Better than the Bell for visor positions and glasses, has a sun visor but doesn't come down as far as the HJC IS-17. Large helmet and I suspect it is too snug/tight for me. Not as bad as the Bell Star but takes a lot of effort to put on and take off. Cheek pads seem itchy. Helmet doesn't feel the greatest. I suspect it is hard to do shoulder checks with vs the HJC IS-17.

The Bell and Shoei may be the wrong size or the wrong shape, but comparing, I can't get over how comfortable the HJC IS-17 is. I didn't wear the Bell enough to see how quiet it is. HJC seems average. Shoei is very quiet. Almost alarmingly so.

I may wear my IS-17 for a bit, but it is 3 years old and beat up. No crashes, but it's been dropped and scratched up plenty. I have new cusions for new. I am leaning towards trying another HJC helmet. Maybe pick up a new IS-17 for now or try an RPHA 70 ST.

I would like a sporty or sport touring helmet. Something not for fully upright riding and not full race tuck. Something in between.

DandyLion 05-22-2019 11:07 AM

I have a Schuberth C3 Pro I've been using for the past few years. Easily my favorite helmet I have ever owned. It is really quiet

monkiki 05-22-2019 01:06 PM

I currently have an Arai Signet-Q and love it. The only complaint I have is that it is very breezy regardless of the vent positions. Great for warm weather but not so much for the cold.

I've heard great things about Schuberth helmets but haven't tried any myself. I had an HJC (can't remember the model) but there was a pressure point on my forehead. I haven't really found another brand that works as well as the Arai for me. Shoei and AGV helmets are too snug. Scorpion, Bell, and HJC aren't as bad but not great for me for much more than 20 minutes.

BKK Jack 05-22-2019 01:16 PM


Originally Posted by morkys (Post 2003935552)
How do you like the GT Air overall? How do the the GT Air and the RPHA 11 compare?

I like my GT Air. I also wear glasses when I ride - a pair of Oakleys - and ride with my visor raised 95% of the time. It fits me well. I appear to be lucky enough to have my melon shaped well for an intermediate oval, which it seems a popular helmet shape. Despite wearing sunglasses, I also like the pop-down tinted visor. When I was working, my commute home from work was generally westbound, and at certain times of the year, the sun would be setting right on top of the brow of a rise of the road. Even with the sunglasses on, the only way I could see anything was to lower that tinted shade.

I also have a Sena communicator, and they make a model that fits into the GT Air very nicely, without having to stick anything to the shell - The Sena 10U. The GT Air 2 has an upgraded system, too. I wasn't aware I disliked anything about the Shoei until I got the HJC, and the only issue is weight. The RPHA 11 is significantly lighter. Right now, I only wear it for track days, but if I were planning a longer ride anytime in the future, it might get serious consideration, despite having to switch shields depending on lighting. However, the RPHA 11 comes with both clear and tinted visor, and a "Pinlock" like anti-fog insert in the box.

The HJC interior feels very premium. I've never had a super premium lid, but cannot imagine those feeling much better. The shield removal/installation mechanism is similar enough to the GT Air I have as to maybe cause a patent infringement lawsuit, and overall "fit and finish" seem top notch. All with a middle shelf price. The only thing I mark it down for is the venting mechanisms It has two little spinny knobs on the top, where I would prefer one big slidey thing like the GT Air. There are two small holes right above the visor that are opened/closed by a sideways sliding cover with a very small tab on it, which can be difficult to locate with gloves on.

And, my biggest nit-pick is the shield locking mechanism. It opens and snaps closed very well, but in the middle of the latch is a very small tab to lock the shield closed. If you are on your first track session of the day, hadn't installed the anti-fog insert, and you inadvertently slid that little locking tab to lock, you can experience a few moments of sheer terror trying to open the visor, because you can't see ****.

Those issues aside, I really like the HJC, and would recommend it. It's soooooo light.

morkys 05-22-2019 02:38 PM

I have the Sena 10S. The reason I didn't get the 10U is in case I wanted to change helmets, like I am contemplating now. I think I will have a good look at the RPHA 70 ST. I think it may be a good option given what I have read about it and your experience with the RPHA 11 sort of leads me to believe the 70 ST is probably comparable or at least a good option to consider. I really need a drop down sun visor, or at least, very much prefer having one in my helmet. I wear glasses, so having to wear prescription sunglasses can be awkwardly limiting. Some Bell helmets have a transitions lens visor, but even that has limitations when you go under a bridge or a tunnel where the visor does not lighten up fast enough. Drop down sun visors are handy for this purpose and I am used to them.

drz1050 05-22-2019 03:33 PM

Wearing a Scorpion R2000 now, it's ok.. I've been looking for a new helmet I like ever since Arai stopped making the Profile.. the bastards. The Signet doesn't fit me nearly as well. Heard the Shoei RF1200 is long oval-ish, so will probably try one of those soon.

CR_Biker 05-22-2019 04:21 PM

I use a Bell Revolver Evo - it is ok but not great. I have a sena 20 S installed in it and with that it is pretty heavy. I would say it is a very noisy helmet which is my main complaint. With the 20s when my wife is on the back we cannot talk to each other much above 50 mph. It is coming up to three years old and showing some wear so I am looking to change it soon. I tried on an AGV at the weekend and liked it. Sadly here in Costa Rica there is not a huge choice of helmets or even motorbike gear shops so I think Shoei and Schubert are not options, I cannot imaging buying on the internet without having tried a helmet on.

BKK Jack 05-22-2019 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by morkys (Post 2003935712)
I have the Sena 10S. The reason I didn't get the 10U is in case I wanted to change helmets, like I am contemplating now...

That is definitely a consideration, but with the pace of development of the comm systems, if I get 5+ years out of this one in the helmet, it will probably be obsolete when it's time for a new helmet. I also have a 10R on my HJC.

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