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I just ran across this website for Kevlar line riding clothing

The sight makes some pretty outstanding claims about the abrasive resistantance of their clothing and the impact protection of their armor. Funny thing is I can't find any publication that has reviewed any of these products to give us a real world feel for their claims. Does anyone have any experience with any of these products?

GP-2 Kevlar Pant
Air Mesh Kevlar Pant (Patent #: 5,774,891)
Ultra II Kevlar Pant (Patent #: 5,774,891)
Ultra II Kevlar Light Pant (Patent #: 5,774,891
Kevlar Street Jeans
Kevlar Light Street Jeans
GP-2 Air Mesh Kevlar Pant
Police Kevlar Pant

I am very interested in the Kevlar Jeans, but am very very leary of anything non leather - There is also an interesting report in the upper right hand side of their website called "Save your Hide," which states the relative tear strengths of material against abrasion. Curious to see some others opinions on this.
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I have the Police pant. It is the stretch Kevlar. I did tons of searching on the net before ordering these. There is lots of individual testimonials for motoport out there. The pants I have are extremely well made. I have gear from several other makers and none come close to the craftsmanship of these. The material is hard to describe. It's soft, yet feels like you could sand off paint with them if you wanted. If you email them they will send a cloth sample. The only thing you need to keep in mind if you order is to be very accurate on your sizing and fitting. I had to send mine back because they were a little to long and to loose in the leg. They altered them just right but it coast me more money. In all I don't think you can go wrong with there stuff. I am going to order a mesh Kevlar jacket soon. bete.

ride captian ride
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I think they are fine for street riding. The material is very tough, but I can tell you first hand that it's not as good as leather.

I had one of their one-piece suits that I wore for track days for several years. I got tossed over the bars one time at 70+ under hard braking and landed on my side, left arm outstretched. Not that bad a crash considering what might have happened. Anyway, the left forearm abraded right through and ripped around the abrasion. Seams held, but it didn't matter as the material gave way. This would never have happened in a leather suit. Ultimately it made no difference as I was not badly injured, but I would have saved some road rash on the arm had I been in leather. Have worn a Vanson suit ever since.

If you need great protection, stick with the leather. On the other hand, I think the MotoPort stuff would be fine for casual street riding.

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This may not be what you are looking for but a company in Duluth,MN. Aerostitch, that makes some good riding gear. Many are familiar with the Roadcrafter suit,etc.
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I have their Air Mesh II Kevlar jacket and pants, and I love them. It's incredibly breathable, so you can wear it even on the hottest days. Once you get going, it almost feels like you're wearing nothing at all (so if it's colder, I usually wear a rain liner underneath the jacket to protect from the wind; if it gets really cold I've got the snow liner too, but I've never needed to use it.) In terms of protection, the stuff seems pretty good. I've had one get off at about 30 MPH on the street as well as a collision with a car at about 10MPH, and although it abraded somewhat where it touched the ground, it didn't come close to wearing through the material. The company is pretty good too, especially if you want modifications or "out of the ordinary" stuff done. It's not especially cheap, but to me it's worth it. I agree that on the track you probably want real leather, but for street riding I think it's more than adequate. At least, on the track you probably don't want the Air Mesh, because I understand that it wears more obviously than the stretch blend (that is, you can definitely tell on my jacket where it touched the ground, because it has sort of a "scuffed up look").

The armor seems pretty good too, with pads in the usual places. The jacket has full back armor, but I wear a separate back protector anyway because I'm terrified of hurting my (already damaged) back any further. I like having the two piece instead of the one piece, because if I pack it tightly enough, I can fit my helmet, rain liner, gloves, pants, AND back protector in my hard bags, and just walk around with the jacket on.
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I chose the stich over motoport, but I know many people who love it.
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MVP44, I'm going to give you a long answer to you question, I hope you don't mind...

I have a motoport suit (also known as Cycleport) I've had for about 18 months now which I use for commuting in everyday. I was going to do a review about this for the review section of as I've had mixed experiences with the suit and the company (actually 'company' is a loose term as it seems like it's just one guy who has some seamstresses making the suits), so this will be the precursor to that review...

I needed a suit that I could commute daily in without having to carry a change of clothes with me - i.e an oversuit. I was considering getting an aerostitch suit, but a several things made me choose the motoport over the aerostitch (they are priced about the same) even though all my work buddys who ride to work wear aerostitch suits.
First, in the summer the aerostitch can get really hot, whilst the Kevlar lets more air through (especially the airmesh) as it doesn't have the waterproof liner as part of the material (it comes as a separate liner) and Kevlar (even in the black version) doesn't transmit heat (unlike Leather and Cordura nylon ) so it remains much cooler on those hot summer days. Whilst with the liners in place you can also ride in very cold climates without changing suits.
Second, there have been claims that under the wrong conditions like sliding a long way on the road at speed this can cause the nylon lining of the suit to melt onto you and if you've got exposed flesh (like your arms if wearing a T-shirt) that could be v nasty - although I haven't heard of this happening... whilst the motoport reportedly has better lining material that doesn't melt and the Kevlar will limit any heat transfer to the liner.
The last reason were the reports from friends who have had their aerostitch suits leak (especially in the crotch area) when it's been really wet whilst the motoport claim and have proven to be totally watertight in massive downpours.
I also thought their claims that Kevlar has more abrasion resistance to the Cordura nylon was interesting and they claim "Cycleports Kevlar suits are the only synthetic apparel approved by the F.I.M., the A.M.A., the W.E.R.A" so it seemed that the Kevlar was a better material than the Cordura.

I originally ordered the airmesh kevlar jacket and pants (paid extra for the zipper option to connect the two together), but being in the bay area, I had to use the liner for the jacket except on the hottest days as I got too cold at speed - the airmesh stuff is like not wearing a jacket at all. So I exchanged the jacket for the stretch kevlar version (GP2 jacket) which is warmer but kept the airmesh pants. I ordered the waterproof gortex liners for the jacket and pants and the additional jacket only thermoloft liner.

Here are my impressions after 18months of use:

Construction is good but could be better - I've have issues with the liners especially around the wrists being too tight so it is awkward when you have both liners installed and strange design decisions like to put really large zippers on the inmost liner (thermoloft) that close with the zipper pull resting on my collar bones - which means to be comfortable I have to have them unzipped a few inches, whilst a smaller zipper which closes at the bottom would have been a better choice. Also the stitching around the thermoloft liner is bad and it even has bits of thermoloft sticking out. The main jacket seems to be constructed well. Other design issues come into play - like velcro all the way down the legs on the zipper flaps, this is just a pain and in my opinion they could copy the aerostich version and just have velcro in sections... but that is a minor point. The aerostich is constructed a lot better and also has a lot more options for adding extras like a transparent pocket on the wrist for instructions/phone/small map etc... the motoport doesn't offer these extras.

The fit is not ideal in all enviroments as it has to take 2 liners in the jacket. I find that with both liners in during cold days (below aound 45 F) and with my normal clothes on it can get too tight especially in the arms - motoports reply to that is "you only need to wear a T-shirt underneath" isn't good enough as the whole point was for me was to have a suit I could wear to the office and not have to carry a change of clothes with me even if that is just a sweater.
Then in the height of summer when both liners are removed, the jacket feels too loose - not ideal in a crash situation as you want those pads to stay in the correct places.

How easy is it to get in and out of? Let me describe the aerostitch system first which is the quickest system I've ever seen - you step in with your right leg then slide your right then left arms in then thread the zipper at the neck and zip it all the way down to your right ankle and then zip the left leg zipper from close to your crotch (the zipper is close to your inseam) down to your left ankle and you're in - i.e 2 zips and you're in! The motoport is fairly easy as it copies the aerostitch leg system (but has the short zipper on the opposite leg to the aerostitch) so it can be put on with your boots on and over your normal clothes and it has an optional zipper to attach the jacket to the pants (which mine has) so it can be climbed into just like the aerostitch but that's where the similarities end especially when you have the liners installed... the motoport isn't really a suit, it's a jacket/pant combination, so unlike the aerostitch once you step in you first need to thread the longer leg zipper and close the belt (the motoport pants have a belt system as they are designed to be worn on their own as well as with a jacket) and then do the leg zippers, after that you then have to zip up the jacket. So without any liners it takes about twice as long as the aerostitch to put on (if you're done it a lot and are really in a hurry it takes aprox 1 min compared to 30secs with the aerostitch). Add in the liners which have their own zippers (not including the ones that attach them to the outer garment) and you have twice as many zippers but because of the elasticated cuffs, ankle bands and waist band it doesn't take twice as long to get on compared to without the liners - it takes more like four times as long (aprox 4 mins in a hurry). The time to get out is quicker but neither of these are major issues if you're out for a long ride - but it frustrates me when I'm trying to get out in a hurry (commuting) and especially when my work friend gets into his aerostitch and walks out 30secs later leaving me zipping and zipping... :-/

The look of the Jacket which is the stretch Kevlar material looks okay but I followed someone on the track who had a blue all in one stretch Kevlar suit and it looked like he was wearing pajamas... not a great look :hammer:
The airmesh Kevlar looks much nicer than the stretch Kevlar but isn't as abrasion resistant as the stretch Kevlar. Also I find the design a bit dated overall but the aerostitch suits aren't a lot better.

As for actually getting the suit - what a pain in the derrière! I won't go into the problems I had here but don't expect to get your suit in a hurry and good luck if something isn't right with the suit...
Motoport / Cycleport seems to be run solely by a guy called Wayne who owns the company - I think he bought the rights off a german company. He seems to be the only person that you deal with and because of that errors happen and everything seems to be disorganised (just look at the website which he told me is something like 10 years old) The only reason I think he's still in business is because of the kevlar line which is fairly unique (there are other european companies that produce off the shelf kevlar blend jackets and pants but nothing tailor made that I found).

In an ideal world where money was no object, I would have the suit I have but without the liners (and tailored smaller due to not needing the liners) for the summer and then have an aerostitch for the rest of the year and a one piece leather racing suit for the track.

MVP44 - if you just want kevlar jeans then have a look at draggin jeans, I have a pair and they are great.

Hope this helps anyone considering motoport stuff!
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This may or not be of interest to you fellas from the US of A but here in Australia we a have a company that only custom makes motorcycle gear.

Both leather and fabric.

The quality and fit are excellent.

I did a review last year I think on the leather gear as it's what I use.

Tiger Angel Motorcycle Apparel

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Thanks for all of the info - think i will be going with some Bohn Body armor and draggin jeans for casual rides and stick with my a-stars for the more aggressive times. I really appreciate all of the help
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I have the Air-mesh jacket and stretch GP pants. I have both wind and down liners for the jacket.
I wear them a lot and will be using them at Calif Superbike School in April. Cycleport's clothes are approved for AMA racing.
I visited Cycleports shop and spoke to Wayne Boyer, the owner. He is a very friendly guy who will show you what happens to cheaper perforated leathers in a crash. They do not hold up.
The stretch Kevlar is supposed to be 5 times stronger than leather. His clothing has the best armour protection I've ever seen on any gear at any price.
Give Wayne a call and talk to him.
I still wear leathers, but when the weather gets warmer, I'll only be wearing my Cycleports.
Great stuff!

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