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Triumph Trophy
Acquired in 2005/2006 from mothers friend in IL. Her husband had owned it for a number of years, but lost his battle with cancer in the early 2000s. She heard that I was a bit of a wrencher and sold it to me for $300. I was working on a '72 Nova at the time which used up most of my time and money, so the bike sat to the side. Our home experienced a flood at some point, which didn't help the condition of the bike. However, at some point my father stripped the bike down and did work to get the chassis cleaned up and had the engine sent off for a rebuild. My father finished his part, but the motor rebuilder (who went through a divorce at this time) only got around to tearing it down. So fast-forward to early 2015, my father brought down the bike and motor parts in a box to my house in Texas. At that point, the bike was now a reality and it needed alot of work. BUT, this also gave me a perfect excuse to start building my very own garage!
1969 Triumph Trophy TR25W (Red)



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