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Tiger 1050 SE
Purchased used from a local dealer...maybe I got had but I got it for the same price as Blue Book for a 2010, and traded in my basketcase Yama XJ650 Maxim for $100 less than what I paid for it. I've been looking for a new motorcycle for a couple of years but nothing really talked to me. The salesman nearly let me walk out the door without showing her to me!
2011 Triumph Tiger 1050 SE (Matte)


Still stock Michelin Pilot Roads.
I use this bike for commuting and traveling, not for sport or excitement. I am researching ways to increase fuel efficiency via intake and exhaust mods combined with the appropriate fuel map. God help me! Maybe a new silencer that doesn't work so well...:)
None yet, unless you include bungees and a cargo net. I want to add fog/flood lights, probably to the forks, for cornering and rain/fog use. Also I'm considering adding the Signal Dynamics suite of Brake and Head light modulators. My wife demands a backrest for her, which would necessitate a SW-Motech Alu-Rack and Coocase, but with the angle of the back seat maybe I'll try to get her to give up on that request.
I highly doubt I will ever change or mod any of this, but I did take it to a pro that for $40 set up the suspension for me. Took the preload up to the top (no dirt riding for me) and tried to adjust the damping for commuting and mountain roads. I guess the rebound damping doesn't do too much?
I removed the hardbags for commuting purposes. They're wider than the handle bars and I can see myself hitting a car while filtering in Cali. I got a Sedici tank bag, which fits nicely. I'm considering new levers, but the only reason would be to insert some color into the Matte bike. Not that I don't like the color of the bike, I love it, but my style is to have neutral colors with flashes of extreme color.
Wheel and Tire
Maybe eventually a phone holder so I can use it's gps, and a plug for it.


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