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Legend 900 TT
Imperial Green
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Needed a bike that could be great for a project for Born To Ride TV and Magazine. It is the Garage Bomb Project. There are a lot of great bikes rotting in somebody's garage and that is where we found this bike, rotting in some guy's garage. It has an extensive list of "Issues" at this writing. The tanks is loaded with rust. It had a top end job two years ago and seeps from the forward covers on the right side of the bike where the guy who put it back together used goo. I hope to get the right gasket kit for it and the torque requirements. The tyres are bad, The breaks need to be gone through and the pads renewed. I believe at this point that the alternator is not kicking as the bike was said to stall when warmed up but I started it and drove it around a 5 acre grove and it stopped because it was not charging the battery. This act demonstrated how nicely balance the bike is as I had to push it about 900 feet to return it to the slab where I was working on it. At this point I am making the list of what I believe to be problems and then we are going to allow our supporters and advertisers to kibitz.
1999 Triumph Legend 900 TT (Imperial Green)


New tyres or tires as we say in N.A. The rims are in need of polish. It would be cool to powder coat them or find mags to replace them.
I see new chain and sprocket - the cooling system will be removed and rodded and all the hoses and clamps renewed. All the fluids will be changed.
We are going to get it road worthy. The cosmetic treatment of the bike will depend upon how involved the Painters and body shops in Tampa Bay want to get.
The head light bracket is reinforced with diamond plate on the left side and the direction signal is a little lose.
The mono shock could use a bit of stiffening or perhaps replaced.
The seat needs recovered.



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