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Street Triple R
Phantom Black (it sparkles!)
Added Belly Pan, Sold the Fly & Cowl
Went to buy a 2015 Street Triple from Latus Motors Portland Oregon - they offered the 'R' model from the previous year (still brand new) for the same price so I jumped at the upgrade. Had an immediate problem with the ABS/Engine light had to wait two days to take delivery. Issue came right back - Fixed it by reducing the distance between the sensor and the rear wheel - At 500 mi service they took out my shim and put a washer back in place and the light came back on in 10 miles. Has shim for 2000 miles, all fixed. I'm very short and the bike was too tall for me, so I lowered it 3/4 inch with longer drag-link and pushing forks up the clamps - then I customized the seat removing some padding and now I'm flat-footed. Love the bike - Great acceleration and engine braking and very nimble & light. Added a SC Project exhaust for a deeper tone - Love it. The custom seat-cowl is fashioned from a 10" Green PVC sewer pipe - turned out to my liking. Changed the stock mirrors for bar-ends and replace the dual headlights with a solo from a MT-03 Yamaha - Nothing left to do except enjoy the heck out of it, and I do.
2014 Triumph Street Triple R (Phantom Black (it sparkles!))



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