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Lucifer Orange
Stock bike with Tri Gel seat, no other mods at purchase.
Bought off EBay in May '16 from northern Utah. 33+K on the clock. Flew to SLC, took a shuttle to Logan and the owner picked me up. Loaded the bike with gear etc. that I had shipped to him. Rode the mountains South to my home in AZ. Rectifier failed, fried the Stator and battery. Limped home with a new battery, charging it at night and keeping revs above 3K once the bat was down. Since then I have replaced the stator with Rick's item, used RR from a newer Tri Street triple and the new bat I bought in southern UT. Wired direct to bat, bypassing the wire harness. Installed digital voltmeter at the same time.
Just finished a 3,650 mile, 3 week trip (Aug '16). Olga ran flawlessly.
Went through the bike from front to back prior to departing from AZ.
-Rebuilt the forks, installed new HH Brake pads, changed fluid.
-installed new H-4 bulbs based on recommendations from this site.
-installed new tires, balanced to a knat's patootie.
-fresh Mobil 1 and K&N filter
-fresh radiator fluid and new plastic fittings for the reservoir.
- aforementioned electrical mods
-installed new Iridium plugs
-replaced vacuum lines and synced the TB's.
-replaced the air filter with a K&N and modded the air box.
- replaced rear sprocket with 2 tooth smaller one for mileage.
- cleaned, measured and oiled chain. Inspected countershaft sprocket and cleaned the path of the chain.
- modified the luggage rack to mount a 52 liter Givi trunk.
- raised the handlebars 1"
-Put a bead rider on the gel saddle to counteract the heat of Aug in AZ, NM, OK, MO, AR, And TX.
-rode it like I stole it... All back roads xcept for about 100+ miles of interstate when I had to.
-Great bike. Next mods, new clutch plates and springs. Replace rear brake pads and fluid. Install the Heed crash bars. Modify tank Paniers (Aerostich large ones).
-next big ride: Oregon in October '16.
2005 Triumph Tiger (Lucifer Orange)


New tires
44 tooth rear sprocket.
Added Cee Bailey +8" windshield with lowers.
Rebuilt, added longer spacer and 15 W fork oil vice 10W
Raised bars 1", beadrider
Wheel and Tire
Installed TT Rider GPS


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