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Black & Blue
This was the old Tod Cole bike that he modified and took to Bonneville Salt Flats to live a dream. His story was chronicled here and in print. I found the bike on Craigslist and bought it. The odd outfitting of speed bits and a couple decals got me to searching. I found the interesting story and original owner! I'm enjoying it as a casual tourer and experimenting with it as a medium range campers bike. It has 36k miles on it now.
2006 Triumph Speedmaster (Black & Blue)


Currently long mileage Dunlops, a 404 on the rear.
It's the 865cc aircooled twin cam with a brace of 42mm Mikuni flat slide pumper carbs, individual pod filters with no airbox. The pipes are drilled Triumph off-road shorties. I'm running a 18/40T final drive set up.
Todd cut the rear fender and reworked the headlight. For Bonneville running he had clubman bars and rearsets! Never would I have ever thought of that. He ran 111.101 mph for a two way average on changing salt conditions. Sounds slow until you consider the traction variations. He said the last runs were only 107 mph due to wheelspin and fishtailing! It's geared for 135 mph at redline (for sedate cruising), I think for the high speed stuff it's retired for now.
It has progressive springs in the front and Ikon rear shocks.
Some previous owner added a sissybar and some personal accents, not my cup of tea. But it has character and a cool story. I had some old Califina 40 yr. old hard bags I adapted to it, they pop right on/off on steel plate mounts and slotted spuds. Pretty stock.
Wheel and Tire
Nothing unusual but I may wire some running lights to pigtail to those bags that already have lights. They were on my old BMW R75/5.



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