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General Information

Daytona 500
Blue with silver and white
Bought the bike in March 2011. Much of the work was already done to the bike. I bought it from a guy in town, who bought it from another guy in town. Supposedly a good amount of time and $ has gone into the bike. It was painted, brand new battery, new rear tire, all new wiring harness, new electronic ignition, newer Amal carbs and more. I have put some $ in front tire (original was still on it), rim spokes and painted hub (it was painted black, but is was corrected so now it is silver). I just relined the tank, will replace the park plugs and do another oil change and clean the carbs). It rides really well as far as I can tell. I bought it with a clean title and only 14,500 original miles on it.
1972 Triumph Daytona 500 (Blue with silver and white)



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