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Triumph Tiger 1050
Tiger 1050
After hearing good things about the Tiger 1050 and considering it to be a Speed Triple for the more mature rider I eventually found a low mileage example in as new condition. Not really an ADV bike it's just an upright sports tourer styled like one. This really should have been Triumphs standout version of it's glorious 1050 triple alas I'd happened on one that had the worse fueling of any fuel injected bike I've ever owned . The on/off throttle snatch combined with the surging or 'hunting' on a constant throttle at modest speeds was appalling. Knowing that many owners had bikes that fuelled beautifully I endeavoured to resolve it with different maps, airbox mods, Remus exhaust etc even went as far as swopping the ECU and cluster from a friends perfectly fueled example but to no avail. Also gave a highly regarded local dyno operator several 100 dollars to try and resolve it with no luck. Put about 12,000 exasperating kilometers on it over an 18 month period but in the end I gave up.


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