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Triumph 955i Daytona
955i Daytona
At a track day at Eastern Creek Raceway here in Sydney and the Yamaha R6 riding guy I was sharing a garage with, who I didn't know, asked me to help get his old track bike off the trailer. He put it at the back of the pits with a For Sale notice on it. It had just been resprayed after a mild off. He told me it had been 'fettled' by RaceComp in Adelaide. Suspension had been done, and the engine had had 'quite some work' including reprofiled cams from TuneBoy. I took it out in the next session and was blown away by hard it went. He showed me all the road going equipment, tells me it's still actually registered for the road so we shook hands and it was mine.
Gawd, it was loud, lumpy and had a weird offbeat engine note courtesy of the cams which I believe are still available but take some dialling in to get the most out of.
It always started, it always idled and went like a cut snake. First guy who test rode it when I advertised it fell in love and rode off into the sunset.
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