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General Information

Robin's Egg Blue over Chrome (originally Scarlet R
1/15/16 - Purchased with 5066 miles and on original tires. It came with the optional windscreen and luggage rack, air injection removed. Everything else was original stock, unmodified.

1/24/16 - Removed rear baffles from stock exhaust. Purchased Bridgestone TW-22 80/20 dualsport 130/80-17 rear tire and Kenda K683 100/90-19 front tire.

1/28/16 - Installed TEC center stand.

1/30/16 - Replaced original rear tire with Bridgestone TW-22 tire and new tube

2/16/16 - Removed rear fender, replaced with BellaCorse short fender with LED tail light, rear frame frame indicator mounts and cat's eye indicators. Installed BellaCorse 1" Superbars.

2/18/16 - Shortened front fender, removed chrome stays

3/1/16 - Removed stock exhaust, re-jetted carburetor with 135 main jets, 42 pilot jets, and 1 shim on each needle

3/2/16 - Installed TEC 2>2 Sprint exhaust system, black anodized aluminum side cover bolts and seat bolts

3/10/16 - Removed stock front indicators, replaced with BellaCorse Cat's Eye Indicators to match the rear, mounted on a Motone front indicator relocation bracket

3/12/16 - Replaced original front tire with a Kenda K683 100/90-19 tire and tube

3/13/16 - Removed windscreen, installed flyscreen from a 2014 Thruxton

3/14/16 - Installed TEC engine bash plate and TEC luggage protection bars

5/18/16 - Installed 1" flat drag handlebars

5/28/16 - Installed Corbin Gunfighter seat, built in Bomber Jacket Brown

5/29/16 - Removed Motone rear turn signal indicator brackets, mounted indicators directly to the Bellacorse short rear fender. Installed OEM electrical connectors to the cat's eye indicators and the stock rear wiring harness.

6/3/16 - Removed stock rear shocks, replaced with TEC external reservoir rear shocks

6/4/16 - Installed Motone ignition switch relocation bracket (left side), removed stock stamped steel headlight ears and replaced with polished aluminum headlight ears from BellaCorse.

6/8/16 - Removed stock speedometer, installed 2.5" mini chrome speedometer (eBay, Brains_Garage)

7/4/16 - Installed Dart windscreen (light tint)

7/29/16 - Replaced Bridgestone TW-22 rear tire with Metzeler Tourance 130/80-17

7/30/16 - Removed BellaCorse short fender (LED brake light burned out), installed Motone Fender Eliminator Kit

8/20/16 - Wrecked, low side on the right. Fork tubes slightly bent, gas tank dented and scratched, handlebars bent, throttle cables rashed, headlight bezel rashed, brake lever slightly bent and rashed, brake pedal rashed, right side TEC Sprint exhaust pushed into bottom shock bolt and rashed on outside, bar-end mirrors chipped and rashed. No damage to engine, frame, wheels, or seat.

8/22/16 - Ordered replacement fork tubes and brake lever. Purchased Motone polished alumunum front fender, replacement handlebars, and silver bar-end mirrors.

8/30/16 - Rebuilt the front forks with the new tubes, filled with 15w fork oil. Replaced the bent drag bars with the superbars I had previously, installed on top of a pair of 1" Motone risers. Replaced the front brake lever with the adjustable-position Triumph brake lever. Installed new silver bar-end mirrors.

9/1/16 - Replaced the front fender with a Motone polished aluminum fender. Replaced the dented and scraped right side TEC Sprint exhaust with the one sent in by TEC.

1/10/17 - Installed clubman bars and Motone rectifier relocation bracket

2/18/17 - Replaced damaged stock headlight with Dime City Cycles 7" British-style headlight.

2/20/17 - Replaced damaged stock fuel tank with chromed and painted fuel tank purchased on eBay. Believed to be from NewBonneville originally.

3/18/17 - Replaced stock black side covers with Motone polished aluminum side covers.

3/21/17 - Replaced pothole-damaged 19" front wheel with a replacement from WorldOfTriumph. Installed a new 100/90-19 Michelin Commander II front tire. Current mileage: 24,972.4

3/22/17 - Replaced stock chain at 25,000 miles with DID Gold X-ring 525 104-link chain. Installed new 2.5" chrome mini speedometer and tachometer from Dime City Cycles.

3/31/17 - Removed stock black rubber tank pads and replaced with custom brown leather tank pads from Larson Upholstery

4/3/17 - Upgraded front suspension with TEC progressive springs and preload adjuster caps

5/5/17 - Replaced black powder-coated clubman bars with chrome clubman bars

5/10/17 - Installed Motone polished aluminum rear fender, leaving the Motone fender eliminator kit in place for now - easy solution for lighting and bracketry, as the new fender comes without brackets or holes for mounting anything.

5/24/17 - Replaced Metzeler Tourance 130/80-17 back tire with a Michellin Commander II 130/80-17. Current mileage: 28,426.1

6/7/17 - Oil and filter change. 29,631.7 miles. K&N Filter, 10W50 oil.

6/8/17 - Removed Motone fender eliminator. Installed Motone polished stainless round tail light. Installed LED turn signals into the end of the rear frame tubes under the seat. Fabricated a license plate bracket and installed white LED license plate light bolts.

7/7/17 - Fabricated new license plate bracket out of 1/4" aluminum, leaving space for a 4" amber LED strip either side of the licence plate as indicators.

10/30/17 - Installed 3D printed bellmouth velocity stack on airbox.

11/18/17 - Removed separate stock brackets for speedometer and tachometer, installed 3D printed dual gauge bracket

11/20/17 - Oil and filter change. 36091.6 miles. K&N Filter, 10W50 oil. Replaced clutch plates and springs with Barnett heavy-duty plates and green springs.

11/23/17 - Purchased TTP Carburetor Stage 1 Fire Starter igniter, TTP Blue Fire coils, BellaCorse braided stainless control cables, BellaCorse 1" "M" handlebars, TEC Bike Parts silver aluminum adjustable rear-sets, TEC Bike Parts silver aluminum passenger pegs, Wilder Factory medium brown leather tank strap
2001 Triumph Bonneville (Robin's Egg Blue over Chrome (originally Scarlet R)


- World of Triumph 19" front wheel (stock replacement)
- Michelin Commander II 130/80-17 rear tire
- Michelin Commander II 100/90-19 front tire
- TEC Bike Parts 2>2 Sprint Exhaust System
- 135 main jets, 42 pilot jets, 1 shim per needle
- 19T front sprocket
- DID Gold X-Ring 525 104-link chain
- Barnett heavy-duty clutch and green springs
- TTP Carb Stage 1 Fire Starter igniter
- TTP Blue Fire coils
- K&N high flow air filter
- 3D printed air filter bellmouth velocity stack in place of stock airbox snorkel
- Airbox baffle removed
- E-Bro Chrome Bullet turn signals (front)
- LED rear turn signals mounted in frame tube ends under the seat
- BellaCorse polished aluminum headlight ears
- Motone ignition switch relocation bracket (left)
- Dart windscreen
- Motone engine skid plate
- Motone polished aluminum front fender
- Motone polished aluminum rear fender
- Motone polished stainless round tail light
- Motone regulator rectifier relocation bracket
- Dime City Cycles 7" headlight
- Motone Polished Aluminum Side Covers
- Larson Upholstery brown leather tank pads
- Wilder Factory medium brown leather tank strap
- TEC Bike Parts External Reservoir Rear Shocks
- TEC Bike Parts progressive fork springs with preload adjuster caps
- TEC Bike Parts CNC anodized aluminum adjustable rear-sets
- Fork Gaiters
- 1" chrome BellaCorse clubman handlebars
- 1" chrome BellaCorse "M" handlebars
- 1" chrome BellaCorse superbar handlebars
- BellaCorse braided stainless clutch and throttle cables
- Biltwell torque grips (chocolate brown)
- Corbin Gunfighter seat (bomber jacket brown)
- Brown leather hip bags (Amazon)
- Quad Lock phone mount and case
Wheel and Tire
- SENA 10s bluetooth intercom
- Dime City Cycles 2.5" mini chrome speedometer & tachometer



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