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Cardinal Red
Bought from a bloke in Lancashire on his twenty-somethingth bike, couldn't make his mind up. He had it on ebay and got messed around by a trader so when I phoned up he welcomed a visit for a test run (just swap bikes I said. Without realising my softly sprung SV650 might not be comfortable for the larger gentleman. He was accompanied by a friend - they were in a club so we went to their club house. Luvvly chummy lot who I promised to visit. Bikes of this condition in 06 with 9k were going for 3k+. He said he'd take no less than 2.3. I shook on it gladly (and agreed to buy the bike).

It had TOR exhausts with a spare pair of megaphones - much too loud. The TORs conversely are a bit choked but they'll do. When they give up I'll put old Triumph resonators on:)

Had to remove air injection to eliminate backfire, which it didn't. Then went through cycle of re-jets, needle changes, shimming, de-snorkelling and de-baffling. Still spits back but runs better.

Dropped yokes 9mm down stanchions to create better handling. Slight weave towards the ton but I seldom get there on my local twisties, cruising on trips to IOM/Ireland a much slower thing too.

As my budget couldn't reach plans to replace various ignition bits etc for street tuning it remains fairly standard - but that spit is an exasperation. More about that in the endless forums...

I can't help compare it with my 62 Tiger 100SS (sadly gone) and in that light it's too heavy, too big an engine for what it can do and handles like a pig. Still, fixed the latter (though some new suspension would help). Now as it gathers some age, it grows on me. But it's like guitars or other stuff that is old - we may love it more but it tends to let us down at crucial moments. Hence the Tig had to go as did the Morris Traveller (hence a Kia:}
2004 Triumph Bonneville (Cardinal Red)


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