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Showcase cover image for Greg's Adventure Bonnie…..

General Information

Adventure Bonnie
T100 Bonneville Black
Polished Alloy Tank and front and rear guards
I love modifying my bike and items to make them mine and improve them to suit me and how I wish to have them.

At my age and pain from injuries I need a more progressive suspension to reduce jarring to my body and was always interested in a more Adventure style on my Bonnie so the mods continued….

Basic Mods:
Stebal horn
Relocated new MOSFET Regulator/Rectifier and electrics under seat with custom electrics tray,
JG New Bonneville sprocket cover
Ventura touring Rack, Sports Rack and Grab Rail modified to mount Kappa K21 side cases and Kappa K48 top box only takes 10 minutes to install ready for touring
Triumph King and Queen seat (very comfortable)
Honda pivot gear lever and lowered machined Brake lever
Stainless Steel custom headlight brackets


Performance upgrades have been completed with barrels and pistons for 904 cc 11:1 comp, 44mm Street Triple Throttle Bodies, manifolds and velocity stacks, POD S&F Filters, 813sc cams and I have head modified with David Vizard designed Polyquad valve design with 2mm larger on one valve on inlet and one valve on exhaust and ported to increase swirl and tumble which I have made custom port matched intake adapter manifold mount to cylinder head.

Heavy duty green clutch springs remapping which I have purchased a custom map from TTP which is in the ball park for the mods and just need to Dyno..
Alloy tank , Guards, front and rear
D9 Dash with relocated Ignition (how cool is this and so much more practical with excellent quality CNC machining)
Oberon Bar End Mirrors
Pro-taper EVO Adventure Low bars
ROX 50mm pivot bar risers
Triumph folding levers
TEC 2 into 1 sounds great!
HID Projector 55W headlight and 3100 Lumen Led driving lights with high beam
Lucas style led rear tail and brake light
Oberon Bar end led indicators front and Oberon led rear indicators
TEC 2 into 1 exhaust modified inlet and muffler increased to 51mm perforated baffle tube
KLR 200mm front forks with SpeedBrace fork brace
Ohlin S36DL 375mm long rear shocks with modified relocated top shock mounts to lay shocks down and increase travel and progression
Wheel and Tire
Michelin Ankee 3 Tyres Changing to more aggressive soon

In future would like black anodised wheels with tubeless kit.



Bonneville Black 2011 customised 904cc, 11:1, 813c cams, 44mm Street Triple TBs , TEC 2 into 1
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