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Showcase cover image for 1978 Bonneville T140E - Revival Attempt

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T140E Bonneville
Original Owner
I wish I had more photos but most were lost from a flooded basement (pre-digital era). Bought this new when I was an 18 year old and rode her like one. I
wrecked her in 1980. She was originally chocolate/gold and after my accident I stripped her to the frame and reassembled as silver/black. She has been sitting since 1985 and 95% mostly under roof but not the best of environments and unfortunately neglected. I am currently trying to revive her in a minimal rebuild to see if I can get her running then hopefully a full blown restoration. She wasn't ridden much after 1983 and shows 11K and some change on the speedometer.
Also- I threw in a pic of my 1966 Sunbeam Alpine that I wish I never sold! My dad had a '65 Alpine with removable hardtop and an early 60s MG 1100 and thats how I learned to tinker!



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Looking good!
I've got a1972 OIF project going on now with a bike identical to the one I bought when I was 18
Yeah I rode it like one too. Lucky to be alive

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1978 T140E EX
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Thanks! I know what you mean about lucky... I cringe when I think about some of the riding I did way back then!