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The Welcome Center

New to the Site? Please take a moment to introduce yourself. New members and members who have yet not posted MUST post their first post here to activate their profiles.
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Kicking the tires

Test or get acquainted with the features of the site here
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News Room - Homepage

Infobits and Newsworthy information about motorcycling, Triumph, TriumphRat.Net. All submissions are manually approved.
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Off Topic Section

Biker Hang-Out

The Biker Cafe' at the end of the Universe. C'mon in, we talk everything about motorcycles on Earth and beyond.
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Classic Triples - Vintage - Club Cafe'

Hinckley Classic Triples

885cc Classic Styled T3's: Legend, Thunderbird, Thunderbird Sport & Adventurer.
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Club Cafe'

Cafe Racers; the Thruxton, Bobber and other custom cafe styled bikes.
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Twin Talk

Air Cooled Twins Talk

Discussion of Hinckley Triumph Twin related matters and topics.
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Air Cooled Twins Technical Talk

Technical Talk for Hinckley Triumph Twins: Bonneville, Bobber, T100, Speedmaster, America, Thruxton, and Scrambler.
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Water Cooled Twins Talk

Discussion of water cooled Triumph Twin related matters and topics.
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Water Cooled Twins Technical Talk

Technical Talk for water cooled Triumph Twins.
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Cruisers America - Rocket III - Speedmaster - Thunderbird

Air Cooled Cruisers - America, Speedmaster

Cruiser chat for air-cooled bikes, America and Speedmasters
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Water Cooled Cruisers - Bobber, Speedmaster

Cruiser chat for the water-cooled bikes, Bobber and Speedmaster.
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The Rocket Science Forum

2300cc's of Propulsion
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Thunderbird Cruiser Chat

Cruiser chat for the the Thunderbird twin
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Sport and Touring

Speed Triple Forum

Rants and ravings about the best naked triple on the planet!
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Sprint Forum

Sprint ST - Sprint RS - Sprint GT Join in on one of the world's most active Triumph Sport-Touring Forums.
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Daytona Deliberations

For owners and riders of Daytona 900, 955, 1000 & 1200
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Triumph SuperSports

Triumph Four-Cylinder Enthusists: TT600, Speed4, and Daytona 600/650
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T3 Sport / Touring Forum

For the discerning Hinckley Sporting Enthusiasts. Open to all lovers of the original T3 Sport Models including the Trident, Sprint, Sprint Exec, Daytona, Trophy, and Speed Triple.
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Trophy 1200 Triple

This is a dedicated sub forum for the new Trophy triple.
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Street Triple Forum

Owners and Enthusiasts of the Triumph Street Triple.
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Daytona675 Forum

D675 Riders and Enthusiasts
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Triumph Trident Forum

General discussion of the 2021+ Trident
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Tiger Chat

For owners and riders of Hinckley Tigers: 800, 800XC, 885i, 900 Steamer, 955i, 1050i, 1200, and EFI 900s.
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Tiger 900 Mods & Workshop

Workshop and technical talk for the Tiger 900, introduced in 2020.
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Tiger 800 - 800XC Mods & Workshop

Workshop and technical talk for the 800 - 800XC Tourer - Adventurer Tigers
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Tiger 1200 - Mods & Workshop

Workshop and technical talk for the 1200 Tiger Explorer
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Steamer - Mods & Workshop

Workshop and technical talk for the 900 carb Tiger.
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Tiger's 885i & 955i - Mods & Workshop

Workshop and technical talk for the 885i & 955i Tigers
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Tiger 1050 - Mods & Workshop

Workshop and technical talk for the 1050 Tiger
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Tiger Mods & Bolt-Ons (archive)

What's on your Tiger? (Threads in this sub-forum will be progressively moved to their relevant model sub-forum)
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Tiger Workshop (archive)

Shop Talk, Ideas, Hints, and Tips for smooth running for the 885 - 885i - 955i & 1050i Tigers (Threads in this sub-forum will be progressively moved to their relevant model sub-forum)
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Lost Riders

This section is a memorial forum for all the past riders who have been a part of our Triumphrat Communities. Thank you for being a part of the family.
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Ride / Trip Reports

Short solo cruise? Long-distance solo or group tour? Tell us what it was like...
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Moto Camping

A place for those who enjoy camping while riding! Share what works, what doesn't work, tips, gear, etc., so that we may all benefit from your experiences
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Maintenance & Workshop Talk

The central area for general maintenance, trouble-shooting and modifications ------------ (Other technical forums on the site are model specific)
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ECM and FI Tuning - Help, Tips & Tricks

We invite members from across to post your questions, or share your expertise or experiences on TuneBoy, TuneECU and PowerCommander (etc).
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Triumph, Models & Dealers

Talk about what Triumph and their agents are up to.
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Riding and Survival Skills

Tips for improving your riding skills and your survival on the road.
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Gear & Gadgets

We all use em - Helmets, Jackets, Gloves, Electronics! Share what you know and find out what you don't.
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Classified Section - All Ads Need a Price & Pic

Classified Ad Rules - Read first before placing Ad

Classified Ad rules.
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Non Triumph motorcycles & misc. - For Sale/Wanted

This section is for non Triumph motorcycles and anything not related to motorcycles.
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The Hobby Shop

For individual-to-individual sales of personally created or crafted items. NOT FOR COMMERCIAL ENTITIES.
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Vendor Member Section

Group Buys and Specials

This section is to notify members of specific group buys and specials that Site Sponsors, Vendors and may have on the go.
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Vendor Deals

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Alex Leather Craft

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Canyon Motorcycles

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Classic British Spares

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Gasser Customs

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Hermy's Triumph

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Moto Machines

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Top accessories and parts at MOTORCYCLEiD
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Pulstar Spark Plugs

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Triumph Twin Power Ltd

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RAT's Den

Liaison forum for RAT Moderators and RAT Forum Liaison Moderators
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General RAT Discussion Forum

Discussion of RAIDs and RAT specific issues and events.
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RAT - United States

Chat with your peers, or learn about a group close to you.
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RAT - Canada

Topics and Discussions for Canadian RAT Packs
4.5K 1M
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  • 1M

RAT - United Kingdom

Topics and Discussion for RAT Packs based in the U.K.
7.7K 1.6M
  • 7.7K
  • 1.6M

RAT - Australia

Liaison and discussion forum for Triumph riders of Australia
3.6K 1.3M
  • 3.6K
  • 1.3M

RAT - New Zealand

Moderated by RAT NZ and TOMCC NZ Liaison and discussion forum for Triumph riders of New Zealand
187 132K
  • 187
  • 132K

RAT - Africa & Mid East

Liaison and discussion forum for Triumph riders of Africa and the Mid East
8 309
  • 8
  • 309

RAT - Asia

Liaison and discussion forum for Triumph riders of Asia
1 246
  • 1
  • 246

RAT - Europe

Liaison and discussion forum for Triumph riders of Europe
13 1.3K
  • 13
  • 1.3K

RAT - Latin America

Liaison and discussion forum for Triumph riders of Central and South America
2 315
  • 2
  • 315

RAT - Military

Forum for current military personnel with an interest in Triumph motorcycles.
826 204K
  • 826
  • 204K
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  1. Water Cooled Twins Talk
    So I plan to buy a Street Twin as a first bike and mostly for city commuting(which I think this bike nails) but also want to be able to cruise on the highway in weekends. My main concern is about the bike's highway capabilities. I live in Yerevan, Armenia and in our country highway speed is...
  2. Classic, Vintage & Veteran
    Hi there ,I’ve just started restoring a 1965 thunderbird, matching engine and frame numbers I’ve got the old log books , the number reads 6T Du per a 1965 bike ,but there is a a letter C at the end of the number could anyone shed any light on the this ,I can’t find any information...
  3. Yesterday, my 2017 Street Cup burbled to a stop and stranded me on the side of a country road. It was running great all day, then started to stutter, like running out of gas, and died within 200 yards. It would start and idle, but cough/die when I gave it throttle. After 3-4 attempts, it...
  4. Classic, Vintage & Veteran
    Hi, There are loads beautiful and impressive bikes that we collectively own on the CVV forum. This set me thinking, that if I could have Three CVV forum members bikes for myself, what three would I choose. OCR’s Brilliantly engineered 500, A masterpiece in every way, just about every item...
  5. Classic, Vintage & Veteran
    As a Hinkley triple owner (don't hate me guys!) I sometimes also read the threads on that section of the Triumph Rat forum and they have a long running thread "what I did to my classic triple today" or something very similar. Posters put up a few lines about what they did with their 'bikes that...
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