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Spray Paint and Clear Coats

Calling all do it yourself spray painters...I'm painting my Headlight Bucket & Handlebars and could use some advice.

I've Primed (3 coats w/400 or 800 grit inbetween coats) and painted (3-4 coats with High Gloss Black w/800 grit inbetween the first 2 coats) and I now have a good looking 4th coat of High Gloss Black that i could just roll with but i really want these puppies to shine!

1st--Should I hit the High Gloss with a 1500 Grit before i Clear Coat, or should i skip the 1500 and just hit it with Clear Coat?

2nd--When it comes to the Clear Coats (2-3 coats)...should i hit'em with 1500 grit inbetween coats or just polish (Mothers Step 1, 2, & 3) after the final coat has dried?


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