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Angels went on today. I got off work early so I got to spend most of an hour and a half finishing off the old tires. The front PR4 had 11,756 miles and still had a little tread in the center, but two bands worn nearly slick at what I'm guessing corresponds to my most used lean angle. The rear PR4GT had 5,020 miles and was down to the wear bars with wear more concentrated in the center which I think is partly from my enthusiastic use of engine braking and partly from waiting too long to get back on the throttle on corner exits.

With the new tires on, I went to Arby's, the bank, and the petrol station, with a couple detours along the way. I only did 16 miles so it's a bit early to tell much except that they feel different turning in at low speeds. I should learn considerably more this weekend.

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