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Originally Posted by stuartcf View Post
I suppose my chain guard issue might possibly be tyre-choice related. I'm using a Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 180/55 on the rear at the moment. What are you using?

I'm interested to hear you've done the coil stick mod. That's something I was thinking of doing this year. Any hurdles I need to be aware of?
Hi Stuart.......I am running the standard wheels and tyre sizes, so 160/60/18 on the back, Bridgestone 023. That may explain the difference then and why the guard fouls your tyre.

As for the stick coils, dead easy change. using the coils off a 1600 Thunderbird or tt600, daytona 600/650 or Speed 4 and I used the connectors from a yAmaha R6 which are an exact fit to the coils. This was suggested by Greg96brg from this Forum as Yamaha use a separate ignition harness that connects to their main harness whereas the specified Triumph harnesses all coma as one so you have to buy the whole harness just for the connectors. I picked up the Yamaha harness on Ebay for £15 and the coils were £60 for 4. I also sourced some large grommets and cut a hole in the top of the cap so that they fitted around the coil and sealed the hole in the cam cover to prevent water ingress.
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