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Didn't get too much done on the bike this weekend and starting to get very nervous about getting this thing rideable by the time the warm weather comes to stay.

What I did get done:

Found a used nissin rear master with a billet reservoir on ebay. The ad was short on details and the seller wasn't too knowledgeable but I took the risk and snagged it for $30 shipped. Turned out to be a great deal as the master was almost identical to the stock TBS nissin and the billet reservoir bolted right up. I have no idea what the brand is, but it appears to be well built.

much cleaner compared to the stock hose and piss cup. should tuck behind the heel guard nicely.

started to work on the battery/electronics tray. Had some sheets of 22 ga mild steel sitting around so cut out a pattern, but once I got it mocked up and tacked in, I realized that it'll be a little tight getting everything in there and well situated. As I'm no longer using the fender, I think I'm going to cut out that middle brace and use a thicker gauge steel for the tray to maintain rigidity.

What ate up most of my time was laying out the engine components and starting with the reassembly. Got as far as getting the main bearings in and double checking clearances before my gf yelled down that the clothes dryer was on fire! Turned out the control panel burnt out... oh the joys of home ownership. Add the cost of a new gas dryer to the list, meh.

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