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Friday I got the call that my bearing and connecting rod bolt order came in, so in anticipation of building the engine, the cases got the full degreasing treatment and scotcbriting... and then i started the very tedious process of masking it in preparation for paint. Sadly after 33k, overheating several times, and having coolant spilled all over it while hot, the factory engine powdercoat was too far gone and repainting would be necessary.

Hours in the garage armed with a roll of painters tape, a razor blade, and a growler of beer and I made it this far:

i got about 1/2 way through the lower case before running out of tape (and patience) for the evening. Being half a growler in I decided to move forward with another project I'd been mulling over for a while and out came the grinder to shave the rear subframe!

Passenger pegs, side cover mounting brackets, and rear fender brackets all came off. Passenger pegs will be replaced with a set of bolt on ones for when the gf wants to go riding. Threaded bungs will be welded flush into the subframe tubing and a set of bolt on peg mounts from a newer sportbike will be utilized.

All this was done to the parts bike subframe, so no rare TBS parts were harmed in this picture:

Have a plan formulating for the rear master cylinder to really open up the triangle and get rid of that unsightly reservoir and hose.
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