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dog woke me up at 6am on Saturday, so got an early start on messing on the bike. Decided to break out the carbon fiber and try my hand at a front fender. I'm really digging the hexagonal (wasp) carbon fiber I got a yard of, so tried that first. Came out ok for my first part but had some problems with the vacuum system as well as getting the hexagonal carbon fiber to conform to the curves. I'm planning on painting it with just some CF showing through, so it'll do.

Shop dog Whisky checking out my vacuum bag job once I finally got it going (vacuum saver system, not a true vacuum pump)

out of the mold (excuse the dried pva)

Also, worked on re-racking the carbs. The 2-3 carb spacing is slightly bigger than the 1-2 carb spacing so still have to mess with that a bit, but getting closer.

also, messed around with some tape to test out an idea for a paint scheme. Definitely painting the bike Audi Nardo Grey but thinking of doing a two tone with black and a gold pinstripe separating the two.
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