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TBS winter project checklist and questions

Per my other thread, installed new plugs, swapped coils for tt600 units and reprogrammed the ignitech per IRLmike and closteaus recommendations. Bike starts better (although still not perfect) but runs like a champ.

Took her out on a nice long ride up to the mountains with some friends, and even 2up had plenty of power and felt great in the twisties. The suspension soaks up bumps and the bike gives confidence in the corners. Braking too is significantly improved. My girlfriend, who had been a passenger numerous times on the bike prior to the mods, kept on referring to this as the "new bike," forgetting completely that it is the same bike.

I had been worried about the riding position with the clip ons, but happy to say that even after over 5hrs, my wrists and back are fine. Sadly, can't say the same for my neck since I keep on forgetting to take my scorpion helmet out of storage and once again had to ride with my hipster special which has the aerodynamics of a brick.

Still a few little issues to work out. My speed reading went out halfway through the ride so have to check that connection. Also need to figure out an iPhone mount and wire in my USB port.

Overall, even with the small issues that need to be worked out, I'm extremely happy with how the bike turned out. Like my girlfriend mistakenly thinks, it really does seem like a whole new bike and certainly a keeper. I'm looking forward to a lot of miles together and already planning some road trips for the summer.

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