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SimplyJ's 2010 T100 "Special" build

Ok guys, it's time for another build thread. Picked up a slightly crashed 2010 T100 a few weeks ago for pennies and have been trying to figure out what to do with it. It had been sitting outside for over a year while the previous owner also tried to figure out what to do with it and he never got it running. I figured the first task was trying to get it to run and go from there. After charging the battery and throwing on some parts from the spare parts bin and about $45 in ebay purchases (new left control and shift lever), I turned the key and hit the starter. Seeing that it had sat for over a year and the previous owner never got it running, I wasn't expecting much, but to my surprise it started right up on the first crank. Now that I had a running bike, I of course decided the best course of action was not to sell it for profit, but rather, to strip it all down and build another custom. I'm calling the build a "Special" because there isn't a standard theme I'm going with (café, scrambler, etc.) and I'm just going to build the bike I would have liked to seen Triumph build if they actually tried to compete with Ducati's GT1000.

As the bike sits now:

Plans include stripping the bike down completely for a frame off build utilizing:
- thruxton front forks with Ricor intimators
- tapered steering bearing conversion
- thruxton length rear shocks
- thruxton front wheel/brake assembly
- alloy wide rear wheel kit
- frame chopped and looped + alloy rear mudguard
- oil in frame downtubes conversion
- slimmer retro style custom seat (using vintage basketweave material)
- mini speedo
- various doodads and doohickeys

Plan on doing basic engine performance mods including 2-2 exhaust, airbox mods or pods, and a tune. This is my first EFI Triumph and only my 2nd EFI bike I've ever owned, so it will be a learning curve.

And, in my usual style, this build is going to be on a shoestring budget. Thankfully, since I got the bike very cheap and will again be doing all the work in my NYC backyard and selling off spare parts, I'm hoping to stay under $3500 for this one. Wish me luck and stay tuned!


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