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Believe it or not, I just bought a new '03 ST yesterday and have never dome more than sit on it in the showroom! I can't believe that dealers expect you to buy a bike without ever riding it. Oh well, there's one born every minute...I guess I'm one of them.

Anyway, THe one I bought is different than the one I sat on for a while. My bike seemed to be a little more cramped in the legs than the other one (both '03 sprints). Besides the leg position, I noticed that the shifter and break pedal seemed difficult to work in that position.

I asked the dealer if there was any setup that needed to be done to customize the ride for me and he said no! I would assume that there would at least be adjustments for the shifter and break pedals...right?

Besides that, do they make anything that will lower the foot pegs? I can't say yet whether this will be a problem or not until I ride the damn thing! I'm used to riding a Ducati Monster. The bars are actually pretty similar in position but the leg position seems much tighter.

A few more days and I'll actually be on it!

Thanks for your help
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