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I don't understand what you are saying. There are 2 tbirds triumph has made since John Bloor restarted the company in the late 80's....the 900 triple and the 1600-1700 cruiser. If you are simply talking about replacing your tank with a different color from another 1600 or 1700 cruiser, then of course you can. But if you are talking about the 900 triple you would have to put the punmp in the 900's tank. You say it doesn't seem far fetched....well, have you seen your bike's fuel pump? Because i can tell you that if you have you would not be saying that it doesn't seem far fetched ! Take your tank off and look. And if that doesn't make you realize what i'm saying, remove the pump. That WILL convince you. I have removed mine, i know what i'm saying.
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