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I've had my TBird now for just a few weeks, and thus far I've peeled the sticker off my tank, removed the stock seat and pillion and installed the dual longhaul seat, gave it its first wax, removed the dealer frame and paper license and installed the metal license plate I just received in the mail, and installed a National Cycle Switchblade Deflector shield.

Other jobs planned include the OEM quick-release sissybar and pad (for when my daughter or wife are aboard) and the TBird-logo clutch plate. Otherwise, I think I'm good to you, I'm liking the quiet so the stock long pipes are staying on. I had a set of HardKrome Strippers on my VN900 Custom, and even with a set of SmartPartz HardKore baffles, that noise got old quick.

Oh, and I have a locking gas cap on its way to me. Doesn't get much "simpler" than that.

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