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Originally Posted by JRBL1A1 View Post
I have to say the more I ride it the more I am warming up to the 3 setting for solo. Over the road I dont notice it at all, the ride is smooth. When I go over a dip or sizable depression in the road I notice more "launch" when it is on 1 and when on 3 I dont have to prepare myself so much for countering it, if you will.
The word "launch" is a perfect way to describe it. There is a road I regularly travel on, and it is very uncomfortable for me on setting 1 for this very reason. I had to constantly brace myself for each upcoming bump or dip. Going to setting 3 alleviated this without making the ride feel stiff, and I've found that in general the bike handles better.

Originally Posted by Deanno View Post
Why is it that no one uses 2?
To be honest I never tried 2. I went from 1 right to 3. The reason being is that the first time I messed with the setting was a day last year that I took my brother out riding. With another full size man as a passenger I figured I'd better go at least two steps. After riding with him that afternoon I decided that position 3 was not quite enough for the two of us, and maybe 4 would be even better. So with 3 being a little weak for the two of us there is no way that 2 would work. So maybe 2 would be just fine for me for solo riding, but 3 is also just fine, or even perfect, and is a better setting than 2 for taking a least for me anyway.
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