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I'm thinking the factory Triumph alarm is the way to go. Why? Well first off, saying that your insurance covers the theft is great, EXCEPT there's that pesky deductible and then they depreciate your insured bike for wear/tear/age. So, by the time you're done, you're at least a couple of grand out of pocket. Second, if your bike is stolen, what if the cops recover it? Do you really want a motorcycle that's been beat to death by some punk? Third, if you do install the factory alarm, you get a reduction in your insurance rate. Not huge, but still a savings.

Of course the alarm won't stop the all the pros. But, any cop will tell you that both pro and amateur have a tendency to walk away from the alarmed property and move on to the easier targets. If you're spending $10 -$20 large on a ride, I don't see why spending about $350 is even a question. $350 is cheap, installation is easy and at the very least, you'll know that you did everything possible to prevent some weasel from taking what you worked so hard for.

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