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Originally Posted by pedal2metal View Post
What price did you get for the new Storm and for short exhausts (the OEM price is 429.99 I think)?
He didn't move much on the list price of the bike, but for the bike alone (2012 Storm ABS) he came down to 16k OTD. So not that great, but the other dealers around here aren't doing any better. I can get a used 2011 for 13k after trying to determine if ABS, extra year of warranty, brand new bike, etc is worth $3k...right now I am leaning toward yes, it's worth it. I told him I wanted to think about it over the weekend and I would call him Monday. I think I might say that if he will take 10% off the pipes, air filter, and swingarm cover...and install them for free (the bike still needs to be unpacked...can't take much longer to throw that stuff on during the process), then I'll take it. Really, if he throws me any sort of bone on the accessories I'll probably take it just to avoid the hassle of getting them myself, installing them, getting the map loaded, etc.

I don't think this is a very good time to get the best deal on a brand new bike. However, I want to ride this year, and this is the bike I've wanted for a while, so I think I'll jump on it even if I'm not getting the best deal ever. He's knocking about $900 off, so I'll consider that a small victory and move on with my life.

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