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Question about TORS and map on new bike

Just got back from getting some pricing on a new Storm. The dealer dropped the price on the bike some, enough to make me contemplate it over a used one I was looking at. However, he wasn't really doing anything off the accessories.

I want the short TORS, and I've found them online for considerably less than what the dealer is asking. If I go thru him on the bike, would it be harmful to the bike to have him put the TOR map on it when I take delivery, if I keep the stock pipes on it for the ride home (60 miles)? I was thinking I'd order the pipes online, but have him put the map on the bike so that all I have to do is install the pipes when I get the bike home. Any harm in that? Should I get through the break in period before I put the new pipes and map on, or is it okay to do that immediately?

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