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Originally Posted by Lantesh View Post
. For example my dealer wanted to charge me $400 for the title work. I told the finance manager flat out that I would not pay that much. .
$400 for the title work????? Are they nuts??? Thats a dead give-away in my book that a dealership is not worth dealing with! Everyplace I have seen that tries to charge high fees on the titlework was not worth buying from.

The title work on my thunderbird cost a whopping $45.50


You should call around to dealers outside your normal buying area and inquire about priceing Many times you will find a much better price well worth the added hassel of doing a long drive with a U-haul trailer hooked up to your car or truck. I know a lot of people who drive from about 2 to 3 hours away to do buisness with my local dealer and if the savings was right I would drive as far as nessasary myself.
When I got My thunderbird I called dealers that were over 6 hours away to get some compareables on cost. No one was even remotely close to the deal my local triumph dealer offered but if they had offered a compareable bike for a substantial savings i would have done the drive and went and got one out of state if nessasary. Sometimes a road trip is worth it!
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